Who are you Kevin?

I am a senior Linux admin by day and a WoW fanatic by night. Dad of two. CDN enthusiast.

How can I update the information about a CDN?

If you find a discrepency between what information I have and what a particular CDN offers, use the contact form to let me know about this change.

How accurate are the prices?

The prices that you see are all standartized - 1TB worth of data with the lowest amount of monthly traffic that a given company offers. Depends on what your traffic is, in case of larger monthly traffic, you can expect a discount. Keep in mind that some of the companies only offer a monthly plan, where you pay a fixed amount every month.

Why do prices vary amongst CDN providers?

The purpose of this website is to show you, what services are included in price of a CDN. I personally had troubles figuring the real cost of a CDN, that's why I went and created this website. Different CDNs include different services in the price that you pay, I'm here to help you understand the CDN world.